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Lovie, lovey, snuggly, minki, rag lovies by KNH Designs

Lovie, lovey, snuggly, minki, rag lovies by KNH Designs

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Rag quilts, rag blankets, ultimate rag quilts  by KNH Designs

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baby blankets, hemstitched blankets, baby shower gifts

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baby blankets, hemstitched blankets, baby shower gifts

about KNH Designs baby boutique founder

First and foremost I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful girls and a wife to my amazing husband. I became a business owner out of a desire to stay close to my family and help my husband get through graduate school. Because I love to learn, grow, work, and try new things, a career at home fit me well. Here I learn to become an entrepreneur, writer, customer service rep, website developer, creator, designer, etc.... and of course, I do a little sewing along the way.

The Beginnings of My Addiction...

I grew up in a family of sewers with my mother creating our "ball" dresses for dances and my grandmother sewing or crocheting blankets and other goodies for all of her grandchildren every year. I had always admired the amazing skill and patience that went into each item. Their art had always impressed me, not only with their talent, but with their love as they took the opportunity to give so liberally of their time and tender care creating pieces that we would treasure over the years.

Although I had sewn some growing up, it wasn't until I took a sewing class at a local university, that I truly discovered the joy of sewing for myself. I studied clothing construction and alterations and developed a love for designing and creating my own patterns.

Having purchased my first sewing/embroidery machine and I was eager to put it to work. At this time my husband was starting his 2nd year of graduate school and we had two little girls with a third one on the way. Having a desire to help support my husband while remaining at home with my "little ladies" and from the encouragement of a friend, KNH Designs was "fabric"ated.


I still have three energetic little girls, but my husband has successfully completed his PHD in BioChemistry!!! With that achievement, we have relocated to the Dallas area and I am now helping to support him and our family during his Post-Doctorate research (similar to a residency in the medical field) over the next few years.

The Four Gems of My Life...

As you can see from the photos I have 4 special people in my life. My Husband (who I've know since the 3rd grade!) is the highlight of my life. Our three little ones keep us on our toes and bring with them a lot of adventure, twirling, silliness, and like most kids... the need for a lot of super glue!

Thank you and enjoy!!!